Our Psychologists

Dr Elisabeth Baker

Dr Elisabeth Baker is a chartered clinical psychologist registered with both the Health and Care Professions Council and the British Psychological Society.

She has worked in a number of NHS settings with a variety of client groups.  In her current clinical practice she specialises in the management of concerns about appearance, adjustment to living with chronic health conditions, and the psychological impact of breast cancer and reconstruction.  

Elisabeth has trained in a variety of therapeutic models including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  She works predominantly using Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Mindfulness based interventions. 

She has taught regularly on the UCL Clinical Psychology Doctoral course.  As part of her interest in teaching ACT, she has provided an ACT training workshop for managing appearance anxiety at the Appearance Matters 6 Conference.  She is also working with the Centre for Appearance Research on facilitating shared decision making for women undergoing breast reconstruction.


Our Psychologists

Dr Esther Hansen

Dr Esther Hansen is a Clinical Psychologist registered with Health and Care Professions Council. Since qualifying in 2004, she has practiced in the area of clinical health psychology in the private sector and NHS, where she leads the psychology service in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust. Her expertise is in providing services to adults with body image concerns (irrespective of whether this is because of a visible difference in appearance), those undergoing or who have had physical rehabilitation or surgery and adults with a variety of long-term conditions (including cancer, COPD or heart problems). In providing services to adults, her focus is on offering support that takes into account the physical problems and the associated treatment and promotes adjustment to change. She also has a special interest in trauma work. She has trained and worked therapeutically using a variety of therapeutic models, however her main clinical practice draws from Systemic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Her research interests are on adjustment to and managing health or bodily changes that promote well-being, with current research projects in this area and supervision of doctoral theses. Her expertise also has her teaching on a variety of Doctoral and Masters courses and she regularly presents at national conferences. She has published both in peer reviewed journals and edited books.


Our Psychologists

Dr Alexandra Mizara

Dr Alexandra Mizara is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and registered with Health Professions Council and the British Psychological Society. She works both in the NHS and private sector. She has a specialist interest in the area of Psycho-Dermatology and has set up an innovative psychology-dedicated service for patients with skin diseases (Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust). In the NHS, she has worked in primary and secondary care with adults with general mental health problems (GP practices and Community Mental Health Team). She has trained and worked therapeutically using a variety of therapeutic models, however her main clinical practice draws from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Schema Therapy.

She supervises doctoral theses in the area of psycho-dermatology and is a keen advocate on integrating psychological care in physical health settings She teaches and has published in the area. Her research interests lie in the psychological management and well-being of people with psoriasis and acne, alopecia and body image concerns and adjustment to change.


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